Farm Boys BBQ offers a wonderful combination of meats, sides, deserts, and drinks for your catering meal.
Our standard catering package starts at $10.50 per person and is simple to order.

STEP 1: Choose 1 or 2 of the following MEATS:

Pork BBQ (mustard, pepper/vinegar) - Fried Chicken - BBQ Chicken - BBQ Ribs -
Roast Beef ($1.50 extra) - Beef Brisket ($1.50 extra)

STEP 2: Choose 4 of the following SIDES:

Hash and Rice - Green Beans - Mac and Cheese - Mixed Corn - Baked Beans - Cole Slaw -
Collards - Lima Beans - Stewed Tomatoes and Rice - Pepper Milk Gravy and Rice -
Marinated Slaw - Sweet Potato Casserole

STEP 3: Choose from the following DRINKS:

Sweet Tea - Un-Sweet Tea - Lemonade

DESSERTS: Choose 1 or 2 of the following desserts for an additional $1.00 per person:

Banana Pudding - Cherry Dump Cake - Assorted Cakes - Assorted Cobblers

It's that easy! So CALL today at 803-345-7600

  • All meals come with dinner rolls
  • A Delivery Charge may be required outside of the great Chapin, SC area
  • Add $0.42 per person for paper products to include plates, napkins, utensils, bowls, cups
  • For events greater than 75 people, we will deliver and set up your meal for an extra charge of $2.00 per person
  • A Note About Smoked Meats

    All of our BBQ meats are smoked. You may notice a red or pink meat color.

    Not to Worry!

    This is normal in smoked meats. It is a product of a chemical reaction between smoke nitrates and meat protein.

    So Rest Easy and Enjoy!

    Download a Printable Catering Menu