Prices effective January 31, 2018

(Dining In is Buffet only)

Lunch Buffet - $9.81 + tax
(from 11AM until 4:30PM)

Dinner Buffet - $11.90 + tax
(after 4:30PM and all day on Holidays)

Sunday Buffet - $11.90 + tax
(from 10:30AM until 2:00PM)

Children 2 and under eat free

Ages: 3-4 - $2.37
Ages: 5-8 - $4.15
Ages: 9-11 - $6.25

Drinks: $1.50 + tax

Daily Specials

Dine-In & Take-Out
(beginning at 5pm)

Thursday: Varies (call ahead)
Friday: Shrimp & Fish
Saturday: Wings & Raw Fries
Sunday: Smoked Turkey & Dressing

Pick-up & Drive-thru also available with
Call-Ahead Orders

(If you're using the Drive-thru for a Call-Ahead
Order Pickup, Please Stop at Speaker First!)

All Plates (Drive-Thru and Pickup Only)

All Plates served with 3 side items, hushpuppies, or roll

Pork BBQ: $8.22 (Mustard, Vinegar Pepper, or mixed)

BBQ Pork Ribs: $9.25 (not available until 4:30pm)
BBQ Chicken: $8.22 (1/4 chicken - White or Dark)
(not available until 4:30pm)

Fried Chicken 2pc: $8.22 (White or Dark)

Side Items

Collard Greens
Lima Beans
Green Beans
Mixed Corn
Baked Beans
Stewed Tomatos
Cole Slaw
Hash & Rice
Rice & Gravy
Rice & Tomatos

Mac & Cheese
Marinated Slaw
(When Available)


Cherry Dump Cake and
Banana Pudding
Single serving: $1.25
Pint: $4.45
Quart: $7.35
Assorted Cakes: $1.25
(when available)


Sweet Tea,
Tea, Lemonade,
Coke, Diet Coke,
and Sprite

Medium: $1.50
Large: $1.85
Half Gal: $2.15
Gal: $3.75
(Soda Not Available in Gal/Half Gal)

Combination Plates (Drive-Thru and Pickup Only)

All Combo Plates served with 3 side items, hush puppies, or roll

Pork BBQ (Mustard, Vinegar Pepper, or mixed)
w/ Chicken (Fried or BBQ'ed): $9.25
(BBQ Chicken not available until 4:30pm)

Double Pork BBQ: $9.98
(Double helpin' of Mustard, Vinegar Pepper,or Both)

Double Chicken Plate: $9.98
(2 pc's Fried & 1 BBQ'ed Quarter, White or Dark)
(BBQ Chicken not available until 4:30pm)

Veggie Plate: $6.49 (4 side items)
* All Fried Chicken Plates w/2 Breasts: $1.50 Extra
* Add Ribs to Plates: Extra Charge by Weight
(Ribs not available until 4:30pm)

Sandwiches (Drive-Thru and Pickup Only)

(mustard or vinegar pepper)

Pork BBQ Sandwich: $4.45

Pork BBQ Sandwich Plate: $6.35 - with 2 sides

Add slaw to any sandwich: $0.55

BBQ Sliders (w/ Fries or Hush Puppies and a Med Drink!)

(Drive-Thru and Pickup Only)

2 Sliders: $4.25 + tax - 3 Sliders: $5.24 + tax
- 4 Sliders: $6.23 + tax
Individual Sliders: $1.46

Add slaw to any slider: $0.10

Salads (Dine-In, Drive-Thru, and Pickup)

Buffet includes Salad Bar

Tossed Salad: $3.95 / Extra Dressing: $0.65

Dressings: Ranch, Italian, French, & 1000 Island

Bulk Order Meats

BBQ Pork (Mustard or Vinegar Pepper)
1/2 lb: $4.81 / 1 lb: $8.95

BBQ Ribs (After 4:30pm)
1/2 lb: $4.95 / 1 lb: $9.75

BBQ Chicken (After 4:30pm)
Quarter: $3.05
Half: $5.78
Whole: $11.05

Fried Chicken
Half: $5.78
Whole: $11.05

Fried Chicken by the Piece
Breast: $2.35 / Pulley (wishbone): $2.40
Thigh: $1.25 / Leg: $1.25
Wing: $0.95

Bulk Order Sides

Sides below available in Bulk sizes:
1/2 Pint: $2.30 / Pint: $4.05 / Quart: $6.65

Collard Greens, Lima Beans, Green Beans,
Mixed Corn, Baked Beans, Stewed Tomatos,
Cole Slaw, Mac & Cheese, Marinated Slaw, and Cabbage

Other Bulk Order Sides

Hash: 1/2 Pint: $3.15 / Pint: $5.25 / Quart: $8.25
Gravy: 1/2 Pint: $1.60 / Pint: $2.60 / Quart: $4.50
Rice: 1/2 Pint: $1.50 / Pint: $2.45 / Quart: $4.25
Rice & Hash: 1/2 Pint:$2.65/Pint:$4.10/Qt:$7.60
Rice & Gravy: 1/2 Pint:$1.80/Pint:$2.95/Qt:$5.15
Rice & Tomatos: 1/2 Pint:$1.90/Pint:$3.10/Qt:$5.55
BBQ Sauce: $1.95/Pint:$3.50/Qt:$6.25


Hush Puppies: Half Dozen: $1.25 /
1 Dozen: $2.25 / 2 Dozen: $4.00

Buns: Per: $0.35 / 1 Dozen: $2.90
/ 2 Dozen: $5.50

Dinner Rolls: $3.35

Skins: 5.6 oz (0.35 lb) Bag: $2.95
(when available)

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A Note About Smoked Meats

All of our BBQ meats are smoked. You may notice a red or pink meat color.

This is normal in smoked meats. It is a product of a chemical reaction between smoke nitrates and meat protein.

So Rest Easy and Enjoy!
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